Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy List, Week 11

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Happy List, Week 11

I'm actually writing this on the eve of the publishing date and have had a pretty crummy night. But the whole point of this list is to be happy so…

1) My first solo art show. I have been invited by Third Degree Glass to exhibit during their big October Birthday Bash! More to follow soon.

2) Another exhibition. I have a photo in the upcoming "Shades of Green" exhibition at Soulard Art Market opening this weekend.

3) Ameren. Actually came within a reasonable amount of time when called for power lost at work and restored it fairly quickly as well.

4) Daylight Savings Time. I do have some negative points with this but now it is not dark when I am leaving work, leaving me more photography time during the day, if I desire.

5) Thunderstorms. As long as I don't have to drive in them and they don't knock my power out, I really do love a good thunderstorm.

6) Self-serve frozen yogurt. My roommate did me a favor and picked me up at the Metrolink station and took me to my car, so I bought her frozen yogurt at our local self-serve place with toppings galore.

7) Paying it forward. I had the opportunity to not only buy my roommate a tasty frozen yogurt treat but for the cop that stopped by. It's nice to do something for a stranger. Bonus points because it was a cop and our cops here in the part of St. Louis that I live in are quite nice.

As exciting as #1 and #2 are, I just don't have that much else to be wickedly excited about. Better luck next week, maybe.

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