Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy List, Week 10

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Happy List, Week 10

1. Pedometer. This handy tool allowed me to track the fact that I walked over a half marathon's worth of steps in a matter of two days. While I try to get somewhere around 4 miles a day (10,000), I don't always succeed. So when I go above and beyond, it pleases me.

2. Minivan. Mom graciously swapped cars with me for an evening to help some friends move. We got so much moved in so little time - it was worth doubling the car length I'm used to.

3. Early morning grocery shopping. Early morning is the best time to shop at the grocery store. Less crowds, especially with an impending storm.

4. My new bed. It takes a little time to settle into a new mattress. Already I'm not regretting plunking down that money, I am surely getting better sleep. The remaining sleep issues are no longer bed-related.

5. Time with Friends. With my busy schedule and others' busy schedules, it's often hard to coordinate. I've been trying to make a better effort with others and am enjoying the payoffs.

6. Early rising. Not always happy about my inability to sleep in, especially on days off… however, sometimes it pays off when you get all the 'necessary' accomplished early in the day.

7. Crossing things off. I crossed off a Life List item on Sunday. I did my own taxes for the first time in my life (with the help of TurboTax). My taxes have always been highly complex due to my previous career. For the first time, it has been relatively simple. HOORAY!

8. Comfort food. Mashed potatoes is a favorite comfort food and after many failed attempts (the potatoes went bad before I could make them), I finally made it last night. YUM!

9. Lesser than expected forecast. I love winter and snow and all that… but it's almost spring - my truly favorite season. When this last storm was less than expected, it was rather nice!

10. Good news. Good news comes to those who wait. I should have something to announce soon!

I do believe that's my first 10-er of the year… only took me 10 weeks...

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