Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Tosca, All The Time

Life has been a little more than crazy lately. Despite us not rehearsing the expected three sessions a day, the week has been long and never ending. The director doesn't have an assistant, nor do I. So we serve as each other's... thankfully we're a great team. But even that doesn't cancel out exhaustion. And Amarillo is so dry that I am getting quasi-migraines more than once a week. And I can't exactly abandon rehearsal because I don't feel well. But quasi-migraines don't go well with powerful opera singing, especially high notes.

Nevertheless, things slowed down in the last day or so and I was able to pull out my camera... something I'd sorely missed. Here's a few shots of the theatre (which in itself is unique in appearance) and some of the props. Hopefully more to come...

Scarpia's Table


Cavaradossi's Paint Brushes

Sneakers & Baby Grand

Quill and Inkwell

Many more can be found at my flickr page... and hopefully more to come.

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