Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sifaka Family

Despite my allergies acting up (this is getting to be a very boring and annoying pattern), when I awoke very early in the day, I decided to visit the Houston Zoo. This was both a smart and stupid idea. Smart because I went before the crowds and got some great pictures of a few animals. But it was also Earth Day and therefore elementary school field trip day. YIKES.

I was introduced to the sifakas by some colleagues who love them more than I. However, I agree that they are adorable, especially when they have a newborn son. Kelyfamata was born Jan 6, 2009. I finally got to see him and it was so worth waiting for. He's quite adorable and starting to get more independent so there were times he was away from momma, cuter than can be.

When Zenobia (momma) was pregnant, she didn't get along with her mate, Dean, so it was really nice to see the whole family out on exhibit.

Here's the highlights of the 40 pictures I uploaded to flickr (downgraded from who knows how many):


Words of Warning

Reaching Out

Family Picture

Close Up

Post about the world's cutest (yet sleepiest) animal next...

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Mickey said...

He is thinking
"That girl with the camera is cute-I want to get to know her."