Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy List, Week 20 & 21

Perfect Rose

(1-6 written for week 20, 7- written for week 21)

1. Assistance in taping out the floors from the TD who came with the set. Talk about knowing the set pretty darn well. It took no time at all. But really, taping with anyone was better than with just me.

2. Time with my camera this week - it's been far too long since I've been able to have it out and use it.

3. Getting carded trying to buy spraypaint for our visit to Cadillac Ranch. Boy was he surprised how much over 18 I actually was.

4. Knowing that Opening Night is fast approaching. And going home is too.

5. My awesome cast - I've gotten to spend some time with them recently and am really enjoying it. I'll be sad to say good-bye to them.

6. Trivial Pursuit. 1981 and 25th anniversary editions have made for two fun games so far.

7. Braum's Chocolate Almond shake. I finally got one today and it was better than I remembered. YUM.

8. Visiting JL & AF in OKC. I haven't seen them since I worked with them last summer. It was a very brief visit but it was a good time.

9. My hosts in Amarillo were fabulous. Very sweet, kind and giving. Their house was huge, luxurious (their own small movie theatre on the 3rd floor) and comfortable. They made me feel like part of the family. Having the cast party there after closing was so much fun.

10. The show. The show was a lot of fun. It was a lot more work on my part than I expected but the payoff (the performance) was great. I had a great crew and production staff supporting me and a great cast.

11. Opening night gifts. My Scarpia gave me one of the best opening night gifts ever - a bullwhip - to help with the cat-herding that is usually involved with opera chorus. I certainly had my hands full on TOSCA, thankfully the principals were both sympathetic and helpful. I laughed SO hard when I opened his gift. Some of the other principals were joking about giving me a cattleprod. A whip is every so much funnier.

12. Kroger Sushi. Healthier version of fast food when one returns home to an empty refrigerator.


Anonymous said...

i love that you make these! I might even steal the idea sometime. That is so freakn funny that Tim gave you a whip, thats a cast gift to remember!!

Ann said...

Hi Mandy! It's part of my life list... to see if I could do it every week. I don't always post the list every week, but I try to compile it. Sometimes its 5 things, sometimes its 10. It helps to focus on the positive.

This blog is mostly of my photos and the stories/experiences that go along with them.

I didn't know you had a blog!