Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan Fest 2009, Part 1

This weekend, I spent a lot of time in Hermann Park, mostly working on and/or visiting Japan Fest. A fellow Flickr photographer ask for volunteer photographers to help him out in a booth he helps to run at Japan Fest. So I agreed to help out.

People pay a very small fee to try on Yukata (lighter version of the kimono, if I remember correctly) and we take their picture. These are mostly pictures of our props which were a lot of fun to use, but a few of my favorite shots... whether they were ones taken for the official site or just candids of other subjects.

Parasols & Fan

Parasol & Yukata

Beautiful Pair


Coming up next: More Japan Fest, Houston Wildflowers and Rose Garden


Lindsay said...

That last photo is adorable!

Ann said...

Thanks, Lindsay! She just wouldn't hold still so I just shot what I could and this was the best one. She was too cute. But constantly on the move... reminds me of one of my dogs...