Sunday, August 9, 2009



The unpacking continued... these are my roommates boxes slowly being collapsed into a pile to store downstairs.


Flowers for someone going through a rough patch... something to make her smile.


Giving in and going to an Urgent Care and diagnosing my first broken bone. My poor fingertip.


Berries, berries and more berries. It's berry season, what a great time of year!


Movie night at our house - my roommate made popcorn...mmmm!


Dad and I made stir-fry while mom was out of town. Mmmmmm! And by Dad and I, I mean Dad did everything cooking-wise, but Pip and I supervised.


A lovely day outside found my roommate and I at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, one of the best botanical gardens ever. Both of us had grown up with memberships, and now we were able to split one for ourselves! Hooray!

(Embarassingly, due to moving and lack of internet access, the posting got to TWO weeks behind. Tired of falling so far behind in the posting, its time to play catch up. Look for another week's worth tomorrow!)

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