Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy List, Weeks 35 and 36

Perfect Rose

From Week 35: 1-6, from Week 36, 7-10.

1. My parents next door neighbors who are great friends. MK graciously donated her time and muscle to helping me move in.

2. My roommates' brother who also graciously donated time and muscle to help.

3. Our downstairs neighbor who was volunteered by his mother to help.

4. Returning the scary over-sized truck. It was at least 10 or so feet too big. I was about 6 inches too short to drive it without discomfort.

5. Unpacking slowly but surely. Settling into the new place.

6. My new apartment... I really love it and am looking forward to when we're really settled in there.

7. Getting settled in. Our apartment looks less like chaos and more like a home.

8. Missouri Botanical Garden. My roommate and I both love the place and we just joined as members.

9. Office Max for having the storage solution for my crafts. I might need two - we're turning our extra bedroom into an art studio.

10. Concentra for confirming my suspicions that I have indeed broken my fingertip. Its not necessarily a happy thing, but it is a good and happy thing to know how to treat and protect it.

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