Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy List, Week 20

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 20 

1. Camera time. I snuck some camera time Saturday morning. I'm really enjoying the macro processes more and more.

2. My macro lens. The 100mm f2.8 lens I have is wonderful. I'm getting better at using it.

3. Time off. I had Sunday off and it was needed.

4. Friends. I'm starting to have time to work on my exhibit and their help and advice is invaluable.

5. Free time. I'm starting to have more free time which I plan to thoroughly enjoy.

It's actually been a really rotten week, and I'm not in the best of moods. I had to reach a little for this one. These days/weeks are the reason I have this. To remind myself that no matter how bad today was or yesterday or whenever - that there was still good within the week.

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