Monday, May 5, 2014

18/52 - Photo Project 2014

I'm practically obsessed again with Macro Water Droplets. I've been to MoBot three times and last time I've not been past the beds who receive a wonderful sprinkler shower in the early mornings. I haven't even seen the newly restored Japanese Garden. But each time, I was stealing time from a busy work day - getting up early for some photo time.

I had about two hours of good macro time with an overcast diffusely lit sky before getting some great rays of sunshine. It was really shaping up to be a lovely day by the time I left and spent the rest of the day inside my work building.

I actually prefer macro water droplet shooting when it is overcast - less potential of blown out highlights.

I'm proud of myself, though.  I'm better at estimating shutter speed than knowing instinctively what aperture to shoot at. Saturday, I focused on using Aperture Priority and I really liked how my pictures came out. Still learning and loving it!

Now that I'm done being wordy, here's my favorite of the week:

Macro May Water Drops

I am so pleased with how this turned out!

And several runners up - it was tough.

Macro May Water Drops    Macro May Water Drops    Macro May Water Drops    Macro May Water Drops    Macro May Water Drops  

I don't know what I love more - other flowers in the water drops or the water drop within a water drop. A lot of new looks for me!

I can't wait for the flowers to change - I've been shooting tulips, daffodils and pansies... what will be planted in those well-watered beds next? Stay tuned... these won't be my last macro pictures of the season!

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