Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy List, Week 18

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Happy List, Week 18

1. Visiting a soon-to-be-reborn or soon-to-be-lost part of Missouri History: the Goldenrod Showboat. A couldn't miss it opportunity and grateful for it.

2. Pedometer. Because it recorded again the feat of 14+ miles in one day = very hurt-y feet.

3. Big Day is over. We have one REALLY big day at work, and it was last Friday, and it is OVER.

4. Brunch. Haven't gone to brunch for awhile and had never been to Bevo Mill for it. Pretty tasty!

5. Rainy days. Make me happy as long as I don't have to walk in them. Thunder is a bonus!

6. Weekend off. I'd gone *mumble mumble* days without a day off, and it was nice to finally have days off. Still didn't get laundry done... or groceries... but I did relax a little.

7. Slow down time. It's on the horizon - when my job slows down enough to breathe and work on only ONE show at once.  I can see it, I just can't quite reach it!

8. Good shoes. On a 14+ mile day, I don't wear the pretty shoes, I wear the trusty ones - nice sneakers. And they treated me as nicely as a 14+ mile day could.

9. Advil. It is the wonder drug when you've walked your legs off.

10. Good colleagues. I couldn't have done it without them and they know who they are. Thank you.

(Almost forgot! I swear I'll stop being behind on this blog soon...)

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