Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy List, Week 15

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 15

1. Exhibit. Learning that a piece got accepted into a citywide photo contest that opens in June and is up all summer!

2. Recovery Day off. i.e. the day off you take between when you get back from a trip and go back to work in order to get all personal ducks back in a row. I may have taken it 3 days late, but I took it.

3. Lucky. My parents were lucky. A tornado hit in our area less than a mile away from where they live. Many houses in their neighborhood received damage, theirs did not.

4. Pippin. Her cuddles are the best when the day has been stressful. And she knows when to cuddle and when to be crazy.

5. Being home. I like travel, but I like being home too…

That's it. The list may be small, but the items are big.

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