Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy List, Week 14

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Happy List, Week 14

1. Getting to spend quality time with DG catching up. Reminds me how much I miss him. He was incredibly busy and I'm grateful for as much time as I had to spend with him.

2. Seeing MQ again - I miss her as well. It was one of those nights that was terribly fun and went amazingly fast.

3. Eating In and Out. I'm not quite the addict that LF is, but it is really yummy. You can't beat the freshest fries in fast food.

4. Camera time in a new city. Good for the soul.

5. Amazing buildings. Discovered a gem one day and spent some quality time photographing it the next morning.

6. Small world. Really enjoyed running into so many people from my past at the conference. AV, LP, BHB, etc.

7. Meeting new folks. Naturally shy and quiet, I had to remind myself to break out of the mold more during the conference. When I did, it was worth it.

8. Nice views. Good views from my hotel room - sometimes its awesome being up 11 floors.

9. Random airport meetings. Running into GB by complete happenstance was awesome. Hadn't seen him probably since 2008 or 2009.

10. Free travel. This trip wasn't free, but my next one will be because I was willing to take a nearly all-day delay.

Well, everything about this Happy List has to do with USITT and related happenings. Surprise, surprise. :)

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