Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy List, Week 8

Perfect Rose

Better late than never, right? This week ran away from me with adjusting to a new locale, 3 hour time change, lack of daylight and spotty internet.

1. Puffs Plus with Lotion. Thanks to Houston's complete lack of winter, I've been overly friendly with the kleenex box for the last few days. If it weren't for the lotion, I'm sure I'd resemble Rudolph even more than I do now.

2. West Wing. I completed my series marathon of West Wing this weekend. Can i say (yet again) how much I love this show? The last several episodes were wonderful and this show made me cry twice for a good actor who died unexpectedly. Once for the episode where everyone found out (pt 2 of election day) and the episode where they laid him to rest.

3. Good, no great actors. I'm talking mostly of the West Wing cast, but this goes for many of my other favorites. What I found out while watching the West Wing is that many of the actors were friends prior to working together. You can act all you want but some chemisry you just can't fake. Way to go on great actors making tv worth watching!

4. My plane trip to Alaska for having such beautiful shots out the window to help compensate for the extremely long flight.

5. The gentleman who is my host proxy here who picked me up and got me settled in. A very kind man - who offered to start grocery shopping for me because of the inclement (icy) weather.

6. My host who has provided me with a lovely place to stay while here in Anchorage.

7. Alaska for having beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

A little more than 5 but not quite 10. Still trying to adjust to the 3 hour time change, and the lack of daylight. Photos and more to come, hopefully.

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