Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yale Street Market

There's a First Saturday market in the Heights. I've known about it for awhile but never had the chance to go: either I was working, too tired from work or out of town. So when I read about the notice in the newspaper, I decided to go.

It was a little smaller than I had expected, but several vendors told me that it is usually bigger - but attendance is low in January, even despite the summer-like temperatures.

I found a few gift type things for others, and a few gifts for myself.

I like this one because its a riot of color and unlike anything I own - chosen purposely:

Rainbow Necklace

I chose this because I saw it and intrigued me, especially because its kind of adjustable as a bracelet. I have tiny wrists and its often hard to find bracelets that I like and that fit me, hence being a necklace girl. Again, this is unlike anything I've ever owned.

Pearl Bracelet

Unfortunately, these weren't made by the artists at the market, but were found in the asian market next door. These prices were much more reasonable, and they were having a bit of a new year's sale. I'll definitely be back to check their stock every so often. Their jewelry selection reminded me a lot of the jeweler in Salt Lake City - beautiful work, original and reasonable prices.

It wasn't that the jewelry in the arts market was overpriced, nothing sang to me like these. And truth be told, if those items hadn't been slightly on sale, I probably wouldn't have gone for them.

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