Monday, January 26, 2009

The Alaska Experience

So far, so good. Really. Despite the small issues with my housing (no hot water at times, now, no heat), I am having fun. Rehearsals are going well, despite our extremely special rehearsal space (unfinished office space, complete with a dirty wooden subfloor, construction materials and dust like no tomorrow).

The weather has been surprisingly kind - only 2 snows, and one of them was super-light. The temperatures only recently dipped into the 20s, and we've all now brought out the heavy parkas we'd expected to be wearing straight off the plane. No temperatures near zero or sub-zero yet... amazingly, Anchorage has been warmer than a majority of places in the Lower 48 so far.

Sunsets and sunrises, when revealed from the cloud cover we've had over the last few days, are gorgeous, if short-lived. Daylight begins around 9 or 9:30 and ends around 4:30-5:00.

Here's a smattering of pictures that I've taken so far.

Mountains, Sun, Water

Mountains, Sun, Water

A Different Kind of Blue Sky



More can be found at my flickr photostream.

I'd hoped for a more beautifully written post, but my internet access is maddeningly sporadic and sometimes it's all I can do to send out the rehearsal report and schedule. Look for more regular blog posts to occur when we move to the theatre (soon) or when I return to the Lower 48.


Andy Esser said...

Again, let me reiterate how incredibly super jealous I am of you. Those are gorgeous pictures. Lovin' the flickr stream; keep it coming!

- Andy

Mom Tom Pip said...


Dad said...


I do believe you have the "eye". Absolutely beautiful.

Lindsay said...

No hot water or heat?! It sounds like you are in Russia (actually, can you see Russia from there?)

The lack of snow in the photos kinda surprised me. I'd figured there would be several feet by now.

jamiebartonmezzo said...

Hi Ann!

Those pictures are simply gorgeous! I'm so glad it's not too cold too... do keep bundled up!

jamie b. :)

Ann said...

Andy: Thanks! Rest assured the picture taking won't cease for awhile, especially when the sun comes out.

Mom: I am and thanks.

Dad: Awww... thanks! More, hopefully better ones to come... right?

Lindsay: Hot water is mostly back and so was the heat! We'll see how long they stick around. No, I can't see Russia, but I'm pretty far south and there's mountains in the way.

Yeah, the lack of snow is surprising me too, not that I'm complaining much. I'd like to be rid of the ice though.

Jamie: Thanks! I'm hoping for above freezing temperatures for as long as I am here!