Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy List, Week 9

Perfect Rose

1. Ponds Dry Skin Cream. Anchorage has been cruel to my skin and my normal skincare regimen just wasn't keeping up. Thankfully my face now no longer feels like sandpaper.

2. My Polartecs - because now that my apartment has no heat, they're with me 24-7.

3. The fuzzy green blanket on the bed in my room. This blanket is uber-warm and keeps me warm in a 65 degree apartment.

4. ABS brakes. I've been doing pretty well driving on ice and snow, but every so often, I misjudge slightly and the ABS brakes kick in. Mind you, I'm kind of driving around like a grandmother, so this is pretty impressive that the ABS kicks in when you're driving sub-speed limit. Native Anchorage folk must hate my driving, but tough... I'm driving a rental car.

5. The chinook that blew in prior to our arrival. Despite the ice hazards it created, it hasn't been near 0° yet, and it's a nice transition to Alaska weather.

Not much more here on the Happy List... it's been a long week and I've got a whole other post on the Alaska Experience, complete with pictures, coming up.

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