Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

As I backtrack before I go forward, I wanted to tell the little tale of the evening of New Year's Eve. I went to my first ever NBA game. I grew up in a city with every sports team except the NBA. A friend won these spectacular seats at her work's holiday party. Our seats were awesome - they were in an area where we (our section) had their own concession stand and a bar - which neither of us partook from.

I had wanted to take my new camera; but the arena had policies on the type of cameras allowed - so I decided to play it safe and take the good 'ol point-and-shoot. I knew I wasn't going to get the same quality of photos that I've been used to, but I used to be generally happy enough with the camera that I thought I'd give it a shot.

I took about 300-or-so pictures, some of which were outright blurry or the wrong exposure. I narrowed it down to about 100 not-half-bad-shots-considering, and uploaded the creme-de-la-creme to flickr. (See, I'm very picky about what I upload to flickr, especially these days.)

The game was fun - I had not known that super-tall phenom Yao Ming was on the Houston team until warm-ups happened - strangely, he was not the only super-tall player on either time. The teams were pretty closely matched so the game was fun to watch. My seatmate was rooting for the non-home team which definitely made things amusing. When there were timeouts, there were progressively less-dressed cheerleaders with each appearance, and kid dance groups. A very entertaining time. The National Anthem was butchered by some pop rock kid who was terrible and also had a two-song set at halftime. To top the night off, there was an opera singer singing "Libiamo" - very not in-tempo. A case in point for never giving an opera singer a microphone and piping her music through the sound system. She just couldn't tell where she was. And she had to sing this as the stadium was emptying. We felt bad for her.

Jumping Warm-Up

Our view:


Reaching for the Ball

You simply could NOT take your eyes off this kid when he was out there: full of energy and a great smile:

Jumping for Joy

Free Throw

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