Monday, May 18, 2009


My birthday, this past Saturday, May 16, was a lot of fun. I specifically booked myself at the job I did, because I thought it was going to be an easy job (a concert), with a company I've worked for a long time, with people I knew. I really like being around people I know on my birthday.

That being said, the job was not as simple/easy as envisioned. But despite the lack of sleep putting together an almost fully staged "Das Rheingold" in 8 days (first rehearsal to closing), it was well-worth it. I got to work with some fabulous singers, meet some great colleagues and I got my first exposure to Wagner. And liked it.

However, another reason I took this job was because my birthday fell on the (only) day off... and my college roommate and good friend, LR, lives in Indy. As luck would have it, I got to see her not once, but twice - and we spent most of my birthday together. Nothing like spending a birthday with a good friend.

My birthday celebrations started after the opening night performance. Being a Wagner opera, it's not short, and midnight came and went sooner than I had thought. Before we all parted ways, GG dragged me over to the rest of the cast and I got a very Wagnerian (i.e. very powerfully sung) Happy Birthday serenade.

Then, the next morning, I picked up LR and she took me to Hoaglin's for a sinfully delicious brunch and then it was off to Broad Ripple for their annual art fair. We were not deterred by clouds and it did rain a bit, but persistence paid off and it was well worth the trip. There were tons of things that we both drooled over yet couldn't afford. That being said, we did not leave the art fair without keepsakes of our own. And lust for items that we could only dream about.

Beautiful Glass

We also came away with tattoos (temporary, of course):

LR's "Tattoo"

My "Tattoo"  (Henna)

The evening was topped off by joining some of the cast members such as GG, DA, RPF, EB, for a thoroughly enjoyable dinner, both food- and company-wise.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday.

Thanks to all who helped make this birthday special.

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