Friday, May 1, 2009

Simple Beauty, Simple Pleasure

I recently had the opportunity to wander aimlessly around the Houston Garden Center. I have recently started experimenting with my 50mm lens. It came highly recommended and I'm happy to say, it was well worth it. There's no zoom, so I have to do the leg work, so to speak.

It's really worth it - it takes great pictures without a ton of effort on my part. Sounds bad, but sometimes my best pictures have been complete luck. This lens makes it a little easier to get the picture I want, without ten million shots to get what I want. Part of that has to do with the lack of formal photography lessons on my part and a thorough understanding of exactly how my camera works.

Sometime, when I'm in one place for awhile, I plan on taking a class so I can learn how to better use my camera.

But that's then, and this is now. Here's a little bit of simple beauty to give simple pleasure:

Two Yellow Roses

Pinkish-Yellow Rose

Orange-y Red Rose

Red and White Rose

Yellow Rose

Red Rose

Yellow Rose

Peppermint Rose

Pink Flowers

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