Sunday, May 24, 2009

Party by Numbers

96: number of cloth napkins ironed (mom does not believe in paper napkins, can't say I blame her)

4: number of lasagnas (meat and spinach) made

2: number of mac 'n cheese (the real kind) made

twice daily for a week: the number of times the dishwasher ran to keep our kitchen mostly clean

2: number of chocolate-type desserts made

2: number of poppyseed cakes (my ALL-time fav, red velvet's a runner up) made

150+: number of madelines, both chocolate and regular, made.

30 dozen: number of empanadas made (ricotta cheese, Argentinean beef and sweet potato)

36 dozen: number of pot stickers made

140: number of dolmades made

countless: number of fruits (dates, watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe wedges) wrapped in slices of prosciutto

countless: number of slices of bell pepper (see 7/365) wrapped in steak and boursin cheese

70: number of people expected

135: number of people invited

3: number of tired cooks & hosts

2: number of hopeful puppies waiting for crumbs

1: successful party

Steak and Boursin Wrapped Bells

One Half of the Table

One Half of the Table


As you can see, my parents LOVE cooking, and when they throw a party, they THROW a party. It was a lot of hard work but it was well-worth it.

There's many more pictures on my flickr photostream, and a few more related 365 photos.

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Mom said...

Not bad, eh?

One small correction: I did an exact count of the number of people invited. Yikes: 135. I'm glad I didn't really know that. If they'd all come, there'd be no leftovers!

We couldn't have done it without you and your very practical, excellent stage managing skills. (You were so right, among many other things, that we did not need blintzes.) THANK YOU!!

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