Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy List, Week 26

Perfect Rose

Look, halfway there.

1. Our party is over with. Means no more cooking en masse. Not that I didn't enjoy cooking with my parents... but the quantities got tiresome.

2. Seeing old friends and reconnecting with them at said party.

3. Seeing how thrilled our pups were when they were allowed to mingle and how even more thrilled people were with them.

4. Escaping outside when there were too many people in the house for me.

5. Good food in large quantities. Even our most popular dishes had leftovers which was good since none of us got to really eat until around 11pm that night.

That's it for the week... no one said it had to be 10... 5 is good enough for me. It was a quiet week, and Week 27's might be interesting.

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