Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saying Thank You

I think politeness and basic courtesy has gone by the wayside. I've noticed this a lot recently.

I work in an industry where sometimes the deadlines are tight, tempers can flare and tones can be misinterpreted... so I try to say thank you whenever possible. A little courtesy can go a long way, sometimes. With my specific job in particular, if we do our job right, we're invisible and sometimes we get forgotten. A little thank you can mean a lot.

I've always had it be my policy to leave positive reviews when interacting with customer service representatives, whether on the phone or in person. I feel like all people usually hear in those industries are the negative. When I have a truly good experience with them, I try to leave a positive review with their supervisor. A little good karma, if you will.

I was speaking on the phone with someone today, and I think she was truly surprised when I thanked her at various times during our phone call. Last summer, I frequented drive-thrus more often than I'd like to admit, but I guess most people are curt and rude, especially when they don't have to see them. I always thank the person taking my order, who takes my money and who gives me the food. After seeing surprise on a few faces and more than a few astonished "you're welcome"s, I finally asked. People just don't say thank you anymore. That disappoints me.

Maybe its the computer age where we've lessened the face-to-face time. Maybe people are just getting ruder. Who knows, but try saying thank you more. You'd be surprised how often its not said, and if you make someone's day with those two words, then bravo you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. I know its not my usual fare (photos) but I felt the need to say it with words instead of pictures.


Pip said...

Obviously you were brought up well!

Lindsay said...

Great post and I completely agree with everything you said. When I worked at Office Depot a few years ago I was amazed at how rude people could be!

RKB said...

Thanks for the posting!

Mickey said...

You're Welcome!
Thanks for your blog loaded with first rate pics!