Saturday, May 9, 2009

Task #22 - 1/31 - Hot Springs National Park

On my life list, I put that I wanted to visit all the National Parks, save a few. I was actually just informed that they keep adding to them at a fairly decent rate, so I'll probably constantly have to update my list. That being said, when I last drove from St. Louis to Houston, I passed by Hot Springs National Park (or at least the sign for it). I told myself that I really had to visit it on the way back.

So I did. I took off early enough from Houston to get there after lunch. It rained the entire way there (sometimes more severe than other times) and the entire time I was in Hot Springs.

Located in historic downtown Hot Springs, the National Park consists of Bathhouse Row and the mountainous area behind it. All of the springs are now protected and maintained by the National Park Service. The springs are over 4,000 years old and the park collects 700,000 gallons a day. The waters average 143°F... now that's hot!

Hot Springs used to be used for medicinal purposes, now its a luxury spa-like past time. Either way, I'm glad that it was a National Park, and I'm sure glad I passed by.

Check out all of the pics here but see some highlights below:

Steaming Cascade

Fordyce Bath House

Massage That Way


Hot Springs!

Up next: A visit to the St Louis Zoo

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