Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy List, Week 24 & 25

Perfect Rose

1-5 from Week 24, 6-10 from Week 25

1. Living near a mall when you're packing for your next job and realize you left some important stuff at 8pm the night before you leave. (And the mall closes at 9pm)

2. NY & CO for having exactly what I needed, when I needed it, without breaking the bank.

3. Cinco de Mayo - because I met up with old colleagues and reconnected. We also chatted about the state of our industry... while not always necessarily happy, it is definitely good to be informed and up-to-date.

4. St. Louis Zoo. To me, a zoo should be free and fantastic. STL Zoo definitely qualifies...

5. 5 Amur Tiger Cubs... in an upcoming entry, you'll understand why.

6. IO. This was show #9 (technically) in 6 seasons. It's almost like coming home to family.

7. DJB. After 8 shows together, we make a good team.

8. Day off. Day off on birthday. Day off spent with a friend and colleagues. Joy!

9. New iPhone apps. I learn about new ones every day. More and more opera folk are getting them. I just can't get over the quality apps that are out there. Rock on.

10. The cast of Das Rheingold, GG, DA, EB especially. They rock their roles, they're fabulous colleagues and great people. They make me love my job.

Still to come: St. Louis Zoo, Indy, 365

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