Friday, September 4, 2009



Day 106 found my parents and I at the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park. It was absolutely a lovely day, and the crowds weren't too overwhelming. Available to us was a huge spread of international food. True to form, my parents were more adventurous than I, but I still didn't have anything from a country where I normally eat from (no Thai, Chinese, Italian, American, etc). All the food was pretty darn delicious and I was pleased to see the variety.

I also had myself henna tattooed. I really liked it when I did it on Day 1, but this time, I went all-out. I had planned on a smaller, cheaper design, however when I found out that one of the booths benefited survivors of war abuse and torture, I figured it went to a great cause.

The woman did great work and I was a walking ad for their booth and henna in general all the way home. What I found out later that night is that the color is more intense on the palm than the forearm -it looks really cool!

BTW, what you are seeing in the picture is the 3-D henna paste which dries and is later removed to reveal the pigmented skin.

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