Tuesday, September 8, 2009



No one is too old for stuffed animals. I used to have many when I was a child, and some of them are still around at my parent's house, safely in storage until it's time to pass the more sturdy ones off to my offspring.

However, these few have a story for each:

Panda: I love pandas, they are my all-time favorite zoo animal. This particular panda was bought at the National Zoo in Washington DC.

Hedgehog: This hedgehog was at one time a Valentine's Day gift option at Borders. I always thought he was pretty cute because if you look at him up close, he's not only holding a rose, but he's blushing. A year or two later, I found him on eBay for a relatively cheap price and made him mine.

Lobster: One of my favorite acquistions, I found him (her?) in a bin at Goodwill in Massachusetts. For a mere quarter, he/she was mine and I love it. Again, if you look closely, the lobster is smiling.

Puppy: My answer to not having a dog of my own was to get a very cute beanie baby version.

Pooh: This is a baby's Pooh - very very soft. My good friends VT & AF had a little girl, L... and she had one of these that I admired... so as a gift, they picked me up one too. I hadn't been around babies much, especially her size, and I hadn't realized that they made stuffed animals uber-soft for babies.

(Pooh is one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters - but my winner will ALWAYS be Snoopy.)

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