Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy List, Week 41

Perfect Rose

1. Business cards. They both arrived this week and they look GREAT.

2. Icing by Clarie's for having the perfect business card holders despite being aimed at preteens. My larger holder may also be known as a cigarette case. Oops.

3. Anything on sale. I'm all about the sale shopping these days. Sometimes there's nothing that replaces retail therapy and when you can get a lot of good quality for very little, even better.

4. Old friends. LA and I have been spending some quality time together, reliving our past. It's been a good thing.

5. Getting in touch with those you've lost touch with. I've done this recently and its been immensely rewarding.

6. Quality time with family. We may live close, we see each other often, but sometimes its not quite enough. I enjoy each and every time.

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