Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy List, Week 43

Perfect Rose

1. Working with friends. KS and I bonded pretty quickly on a slightly crazy show and we've been friends ever since. In actuality, we've only worked on two shows together, this is our third.

2. Being back at work. After several weeks off, it really is nice to have a schedule. Even if its means really really long days.

3. Meeting new singers/colleagues. I always enjoy meeting new colleagues and realizing exactly how small our industry is. We don't need six degrees, try about two or three.

4. Returning to a familiar city. This is show #10 with this company, and I used to go to school an hour south of here, so Indianapolis is a familiar city. Its nice to know your way around, even if you have to re-remember, sometimes from a different perspective.

5. My iPhone. Yes, I know this keeps appearing on this list, but it really is one of my best purchases. Our internet situation is inconsistent so it's been a lifesaver to check email, look up a movie or even update this blog.

6. Assignment:St Louis. We're at least 28 members strong - exciting! We're also midway through our first assignment. I'm seeing some great photos and looking forward to seeing more.

Only six and posted early because internet access from my computer is limited.

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