Friday, January 17, 2014

2/52 - Photo Project 2014

I took several different types of photos in Week 2 of the project. The 5th was the snowiest day that St. Louis has seen in awhile, the 6th, one of the coldest - though I took some seriously awesome photos. On the 8th, we said good-bye to our beloved puppy, Tommy who was 13.5 years young. And on the 9th, it snowed again and this time it stuck to the trees.

Tempting as it is to make the snowy abstracts the winner for week, today my choice is purely sentimental.

Tommy - Week 2 - Photo Project 2014

This is perhaps not my best picture of Tommy (and I will be posting soon about him) but it's one of the last. He was the best boy we ever had - so much love, so much patience, so much therapy given.  We never wanted to let him go but it was time. My heart is broken, but it will slowly heal. And I've just got to remember all the good times.

Had we not lost our beloved Tommy, this would've won the week:

Snowy Abstracts

The snow was so light and the winds just so that it acted like sand in a desert. 

Due to our loss of Tommy and an incredibly busy weekend at work, I'm behind on many a thing. I'll catch up soon, promise. 

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