Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy List, Week 4

Macro Water Droplets

Well, Week 4 has been the toughest one I've encountered for awhile for various reasons, so this will be a short list.

In no particular order...

1. Living in the same town as my parents. Not everyone agrees with this but I do. Today, when I was feeling under the weather, mom dropped by and brought me chicken soup. If I lived somewhere else, she wouldn't be able to do that, now would she?

2. Lunch with a friend.  My truly awesome elementary school drama/music teacher is back in my life and every so often our schedules align and we go out to lunch. This past week included one of those. I'm sad she's retired from the school I went to but I am SO glad she is still spreading her passion and love for the arts to others.

3. My pedometer. Because it validates me when I feel like I've walked all over the building three times over - usually I have!

4. Photo Flood St. Louis. Because no matter how busy my work weekend is, and these Floods always seem to coincide with the performance weeks - I like how I can spend 2 hours getting to know a St. Louis neighborhood better.

5. The Sing Off. This program has appeared on the blog and probably the Happy List before, but this season has introduced me to this great quintet called "Home Free". They're a country group and country usually it is not my cup of tea. However, I really like their sound and find that I don't especially think "country" when I listed to them. Their bass singer has a gargantuan range… look up the YouTube video of their performance of "Ring of Fire" on the Sing Off… dang, that is one low note. They're on this list this week because I've been listening to their new album, "Crazy Life".

Okay, that's it, folks. Hopefully, there will be more happy to be found in Week 5.

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