Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy List, Week 2 and 3

Macro Water Droplets

In no particular order…

1. Eddie Bauer's fleece lined Travex pants. I'm not getting paid by them to endorse them, but I would do it anyway. These are amazing. I wear these and feel no cold, at least on my legs. More importantly, they're not extra bulky either.

2. Unexpected snow day. As a photographer I love a snow day, especially one that I wasn't exactly expecting. Our Snowmageddon was well forecasted, but sometimes the forecasters aren't wholly accurate. And/or sometimes I end up working on some snow days.

3. Reunions. Normally, I'm not the hugest fan and since Facebook came around, they seem a little less relevant. However, this one was for my amazing middle school, celebrating their 50th year in existence.   The Head of School at that time is a pretty awesome woman, and aside from a brief meeting with her this Spring, I really haven't seen her in awhile. This woman is timeless and she looks just about the same as she did then, and with equal amounts of energy. It was wonderful to spend time with her and several other former teachers.

4. Photo Ops despite low temps. I didn't get to do the one I wanted, but I did get to drive around Forest Park and get some pretty cool snow abstracts. Makes up for the fact that the wind blew the snow off the trees already.

5. The time that we weren't supposed to have. We lost out beloved Tommy in week 2… and while my heart is broken into pieces and it is in no way, shape, or form, happy - we weren't supposed to have this long with him and I treasured each and every day we got past his original projected death.

6. Friends. This hasn't been a happy week, but I'm grateful for friends, near and far, who have reached out to me.

7. Distraction. It was an extra busy work weekend for me. Both a curse and a blessing because it allowed me not to dwell on the sadness in/on my heart.

That's it folks… it's been a tough two weeks, and it is hard to find the happy these days. Next week will be better...

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