Saturday, February 22, 2014

8/52 - Photo Project 2014

It was a busy weekend… Photo Flood St. Louis had a partnership with STL250 so we got an all access pass to the weekend. Originally 3 events in 3 days, but weather spread it out over 4 days with a reschedule. It was a lot of photo taking and editing. Thusly, I didn't feel much like picking up the camera in the meanwhile.  That being said, there were amazing photo opportunities.

I think this one turned out quite well, don't you? I believe this one might be straight out of the camera (versus receiving editing in Ligthroom).

STL 250 Celebrations

Close runners up:

STL 250 Celebrations    STL 250 Celebrations

This upcoming week should be much quieter… which should allow me some photo opportunities on my own. Today ended up being beautiful weather wise. If tomorrow is the same, I may be out and about!

And one more just for fun: more experimenting with dancer blur:

STL 250 Celebrations

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