Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy List, Week 9

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Happy List, Week 9

1. Days off. I had some unexpected days off this week and they were glorious. Spent just enough time being lazy and productive.

2.  Neighborhood Photo Flood. Wandered around The Ville with some Flooders and had a grand old time. It's really sad how the neighborhood has declined over the years. It'd be nice if it were revitalized some day back into its old glory.

3. New Mattress. I've had my mattress/box spring for at least 10 years and it was time to replace it. I took advantage of the President's Day Sale and came away with a supremely comfortable and surprisingly affordable bed. More than I had planned on spending but it will be worth it in the long run.

4. A Good Night's Sleep. Something that has been lacking for me - see above for one of the reasons contributing to a good night's sleep. Now if I could only train my body to sleep IN on day's off…

5. Shopping. Not usually on my happy list, I'm not really one of those gals that adores shopping. I like to hold on my money in general but sometimes necessity requires it. I found new bright teal sheets and a deep purple comforter to make up the new bed.

6. Non-Camera Time. It's been kind of nice to let my camera sit idle a little bit. But I better pick it up before the week runs away from me!

7. Regular posting. Between the Happy List, Throwback Thursday (on FB) and the Photo of the Week, I'm getting to be a regular poster on FB. And methinks I might have gained a few more readers. Welcome!

8. DVR. I've not really had while they've existed, but when I do, I love it. It's quite the handy thing. It allows me to not be a slave to TV schedules and that is a wonderful thing.

9. 3-Hour Guarantee. The company that I got my mattress from has a 3 hour delivery window. If your mattress isn't delivered within that window, your delivery is free. They didn't and it was. Score for me!

10. Bingo! RP & and I tried out a new bingo hall this past week up in North St Louis. It was a huge hall and I won! It was one of the more complex patterns and had I won by myself, I would've won a sizable prize! As is, I had to split the pot but I STILL WON! Plus, it was a near miss because someone called bingo on the number before and I was crestfallen, until it came back invalid. I'd forgotten what a rush it is to win!

Well… it's been quite the week. The lists are getting longer - I'd forgotten what a challenge it is to write these. But that's all part of the exercise…plus, I didn't have the best of circumstances for the start.

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