Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy List, Week 6

Macro Water Droplets

Okay, let's try this week on for size.

1. A good group. I was on jury duty this past week and I had a good group of peers. When not allowed to be in court yet and not allowed to deliberate, we made the best of it and played Pictionary. A thoroughly enjoyable time.

2. Laundry. It's basic, an annoyance and necessary. I finally had the opportunity to do laundry on Saturday after over two weeks.

3. Past life. Thankful for my past life which allows me to have more than enough clothing to get through almost a month with no day off.

4. Book Club. One of my PFSTL friends created a book club and we had our first meeting this week. It was lots of fun and I look forward to future books/meetings.

5. Walgreens. When I got re-infected with a cold, their medicine does the trick, for sure.

6. A good dinner. It was the roommate's birthday in week 6, so we went out to a fancy dinner in celebration. Her one request: bread pudding. Done! Both of us got to experience a new to us restaurant too.

7. Clearance rack at DSW. I was in the need of a little retail therapy to get me out of a funk, so I browsed the clearance bins at DSW. Luckily, I have small feet and had lots to choose from.  Found two pair of cute shoes!

I think that's it. It was a better week but a quiet one. Sometimes quiet is good. :)

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