Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy List, Week 7

Macro Water Droplets

Okay… here goes:

1. The Olympics. I really do enjoy the Olympics and the Winter version has one of my favorite sports: figure skating.

2. Olympic commentary. I have a friend on FB who literally does a play by play on the Olympics and she is witty, sarcastic and truthful. It really makes watching the Olympics all the more fun. RC, thanks for making the Olympics far more entertaining.

3. The Opening Ceremonies. Wow… just wow. No one'll top Beijing's opening ceremonies but the technology available and how it was used was very nicely done. I was impressed by the technology use and technical aspects more than I was of the artistic components.

4. Blogiversary. Still in awe that I've been doing the blog thing for 6 years. I'm glad I started it and that I've kept it up despite all the work craziness before and after my transition away from freelancing.

5. Snow. I know that this winter has been one of the harsher ones in years, but snow is still magical when it comes down in big fat flakes and you don't have to drive in it… right away.

6. A completely lazy day off. I did just about nothing on my Monday off. It was wonderful.

7. Sherlock. This show is really especially brilliant and stars two wonderful actors, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. I love that I can never guess what will happen next on the show. The unhappy part? Only 3 episodes a season.

8. Live Bingo. I finally found more friends who play bingo. It's SO much fun! Don't know what's better - the people watching or waiting to see if you win.

9. The power of words. It's been awhile since I wrote a really wordy post (Happy Lists not counting) and apparently it had an impact on those who read it. That pleases me.

10. Body Butter. Normally I do not prefer heavy lotions but in this very dry winter, they are very welcome.

Okay… I think that's it. More next week!

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