Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lovely Day

Yesterday was one of those long days where I spent most of the day inside a dark, windowless theatre. Yesterday was also a beautiful day outside and it made me a little sad inside as I headed into work in the morning. Here was this gorgeous day and there was me, heading inside, gearing up for two tech rehearsals on a very technical show.

I was very pleased to wake up this morning to an equally beautiful day outside. Unfortunately, I only slept in about a half hour past when I've been getting up this past week. However... there was a definite upshot to this.

Sometime in the recent past, I went to Hermann Park in the hopes of spending a lovely day outside. However, it was early afternoon and the place was packed. Not a parking spot to be found and traffic clogging up the one main road that runs through the park. 

Today, I discovered the key. Go early. There were parking spots galore and the park wasn't terribly crowded. Hours later, upon my departure when I'd had my fill of flowers, sights and sun, the parking lots were jammed with cars hunting for a free spot. 

You can find the photos that I took here, but some highlights are included below:

Peach/White Rose & Bee

Purple Exotic Flower


Monarch Butterfly

Bee & Purple Flower

Reflective Sphere

Pink Flower - Up Close

Can I also say that I love this place?

 Stopped by on the way home to pick up some supplies for a project. I guess I was feeling art-y today.

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