Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Back...

... and the computer seems to be better. I haven't really put it through its paces yet. If I read the tech babble right, I think I have a new logic board or motherboard. I may be more technology-knowledgeable that some, but there's a level of geekdom and techspeak that I can't always translate without help.

Today's picture comes from California. Because, though I'm near a coast, the water doesn't look like this down here.

Pacific Ocean

This is a reminder to myself that the beach is a good place to go. Whatever my next day off is... I'm heading out of town and going to the beach. That or the Arboretum. I have a distinct urge to just get out of town. Now.

Yes, this is for me, the last entry of the March Project, even though it's April (when did THAT happen?)

April will have no project because work will take over my life for the next month or so. Hopefully I'll be able to break out the camera every so often and share what I can. I'll still try to post every day, even if its just a brief blurb.

When we walked out of work (I limped) last night, we passed through the lobby which had played host to some sort of dinner function. There was confetti all over the floor. Had I not been a) carrying this computer in addition to my regular stuff and b) not been exhausted, I would have broken out the camera and taken a picture of it. It was pretty. And random. And chaotic.

That's all for now.

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