Thursday, April 24, 2008

Night Photography

Tonight, on my way home from a friend's birthday gathering, I happened across one of my "most wanted" places to photograph. In the middle of the roundabout near Hermann Park, there are three gorgeous fountains. Tonight, I encountered them a) lit, b) running, and c) I was near a place I could park. Plus I had my tripod in my trunk (thrown in there on the off chance that my friends would have a good sunset view from their 4th floor apartment).

It was just meant to be. I pulled over and set up my tripod on the sidewalk and just started snapping away. I must've taken at least 200 pictures, experimenting with different shutter speeds, white balance, aperture priority, etc. Suddenly, the lights went off which I thought would bring my impromptu photography session to a halt. I was disappointed but knew I had taken a decent amount of shots.

On a whim, I took another picture which I was surprised to see that it turned out quite well considering the fountain was no longer internally lit.

This roundabout is a fairly busy thoroughfare, so I had more than a few shots taken with a car driving through. Though my exposure time on my camera is limited, I ended up with some pretty cool light trails in my pictures.

Hermann Park Fountain
Almost daylight like, considering the considerable lack of illumination.

Hermann Park Fountain

Hermann Park Fountain

Considering my considerable lack of exposure time, and my relative newness to nighttime photography, I think these came out well. I also had a great discussion about photography with my dad whilst snapping away. A truly enjoyable experience all around.

You can see the rest (not many) at my flickr account. As always, click on them to see them larger.