Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tech Lust

No pictures today, just a lot of lusting after technology. I'll admit, I like my gadgets. I have a cell phone, a laptop, a GPS device (because frankly, I'm hopeless when it comes to compass directions. HOPELESS.) a decent digital camera, an iPod and I have become far too reliant on the internet.

So what does this gal who has a lot of gadgets want now? Plenty, unfortunately. In no particular order:

  • 32 GB iPod Touch. I have major lust for the iPhone. However, I don't want to switch cellphone carriers. The newest iPod touch is big enough in memory size to be comparable to my current video iPod. And with the software update, the only difference between the iPhone and the iPod Touch is the phone software & technology. I could definitely go for that... but it's got to come down in price - that's a price-y gadget!
  • Scanner. I want a scanner for the sole purpose of electronically cataloging photos from the times before digital cameras. This is a long term project and I don't know how soon I'll make this purchase. But I am researching it every so often in my down-time. I'm currently debating the merits of the add-ons of negative scanning in addition to your traditional flatbed scanning.
  • External Hard Drive. I have one, but it's more than several years old which means it's not much more than my current not-so-large HD.  If I do aforementioned project, I'll have to get one for that... and probably replace the current one I have with one that's 3 times it's size... and no, I'm not talking about a Terabyte drive. 
  • DSLR camera. I'm really enjoying photography as a hobby... and I'd like to think I'm getting better. And I think I'm getting bolder about straying off of the auto-settings and trying my hand at manual manipulation. However, one of the types of photographs that I'd like to take are low-light photos. Ones that require a long exposure. After deciphering the settings on the current camera, I learned that my longest exposure is 4 seconds. Blech. I want more! At the same time, I'm a relative newbie at photography  - translating all the apertures, f-stops, etc into what I can understand is still happening. And I have to research what I've got on my current camera so I can not take a step back in quality (like zoom) when I get my hands on a fancy camera. I so look forward to a manual focus though - I get so frustrated with the auto-zoom... and what Fuji calls a manual zoom ain't one. 
So... that's it... who knows how soon I'll seriously look into these. But they're definitely on my wish-list. If I were made of money...

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