Saturday, April 26, 2008

Post-Opening Day Off

Almost always, the day after your opening is a day off. Today was. Thank goodness. We opened last night to a good house, a good performance (with only slight, very minor mishaps) and to a good review.

Thusly, today I wanted to get out and enjoy the day until venturing into work for a dinner hosted by our Guild for the Technical and Production Departments. I started the day out with a visit to the Beer Can House. The house is completely covered in beer cans. No kidding. It is now preserved, as the original owner and his wife have both passed on.

Beer Can House

Beer Top Fringe

Green, Brown, Clear Glass

Then, I wanted to take a stroll down by the Buffalo Bayou, to see what I could see and hopefully find the source of the pretty purple lights. I discovered a very nice set of paths which I'd like to explore more on a less hot day.


I later returned that evening, tripod in hand, to see if I could capture the purple lights. I got a crack at it and want another; but I also ended up with a nifty ferris wheel shot.

Blue Lights

Aquarium Ferris Wheel

Tomorrow's another show day, that'll be two down, three to go!


laanba said...

I love night photography. I'm hoping to go back to the bayou when the blue lights are on. Probably when summer gives me more time.

Wow another opera worker who is a photographer. You guys must be crowding each other over there taking your amazing shots behind the scenes. :)

Ann said...

Me too... it's a lot of fun. I'm a little limited by my camera (4 seconds is the longest exposure I have) and the fact that I'm usually taking photos by myself and don't always feel safe.

Not crowded per se, but I certainly take inspiration from CameraMan's shots.

I just joined Assignment Houston and am planning on unofficially starting from the beginning when I feel hard-up for inspiration.

I'm in a fountain mode right now... I'll be posting shortly... whenever I finish wading through all of today's photos.