Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a day off. Unlike yesterday where I was a lazy bum for a majority of the day, today I was determined to get out and be productive.

So a friend and I went to Hermann Park to have a picnic and an afternoon at the zoo. We had a lot of fun and nearly walked our legs off. It was a sunny day and near feeding time so many animals were awake from their naps. And today, I learned a new fact: Cheetahs chirp. Like birds. Its eerie as hell. And very cool. Also the best kid quote of the day: a tearful, pouting boy to his mother: "Talking about it isn't the same as buying it." Brilliant.

The day was capped off at a skating rink where I tried to see if my legs remembered how to rollerskate. The answer was yes and no. They did, but they were a) tired from walking all over the zoo and b) were reluctant to remember how. The point of tonight was for me to see if I could still do it. The answer is yes. Whether I can do it well enough for me to feel comfortable participating in an upcoming project, remains to be seen. I have to try my hand at skating on pavement first. The good news, is the ankle didn't mind. My calves did, though!

An image of HB's skates because the rental rollerskates were UGLY:

I was envious of HB and RB's skating prowess and wished for the recklessness that kids have when rollerskating. I saw so many kiddos just racing around without much care of whether they'd fall or not. Of course, they were a lot closer to the ground than I was. Even with me being vertically-challenged.

I have other pictures from last night involving aforementioned project, but I'm reluctant to share them as they're part of an upcoming event. After the fact, you bet I'll be posting 'em!

I'm off to bed because I've worn myself out!

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