Friday, March 27, 2009

Food, Food and more Food

I've spent a lot of time away from Houston. (Duh, you think.) But one of my good friends, PS, has graciously volunteered to be the shuttler back and forth from various airport trips. But also, every time I return to town, he and I try to go to a Houston-based restaurant. He's lived here his entire life and I'm fond of patronizing local restaurants whenever possible. Sometimes they're old favorites. Sometimes they're new experiences. I'm a fan of all.

One of the first places... was Ninfa's.

This is perhaps the best queso in town. It can't possibly be healthy but it's SOOOOOO good. You come to Houston, we'll go there. You'll understand.

Today, I had another unique Houston experience... Freebird's. I'm not a huge fan of beans, and therefore most Mexican food. This burrito place is now my favorite place to go. They have 4 sizes and they let you customize your burrito any way you want. Including leaving beans out. I love this place.

Also found at Freebird's was this:

No kidding, it says exactly what you think. But it's not a special brownie in the way you think. It is however sinfully delicious chocolate-y goodness.

Oh, and in case you ever wanted to see what green-dyed lemonade looks like?

Don't let my mom near your lemonade on St. Patrick's Day... and she wouldn't let me dye her water in retaliation!

More soon... internet access TBD for the next three weeks...

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