Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy List, Week 16

Perfect Rose

1. Seeing old friends at a company I've worked with for years, and better yet, surprising them.

2. Being able to walk into a show on opening night and not screw anything up.

3. Puffs Plus with Lotion. It's allergy time again... maybe it's time to see an allergist. nevertheless, without PPwL, I would be MORE miserable.

4. Halls Defense w/ Vitamin C. Helps keep the PND cough at bay, and to rest my voice to get it back.

5. St. Louis Blues hockey. We went to a game versus the Sharks - and it was AWESOME! I screamed my head off and paid for it with little to no voice all weekend. We won 3-1, though. Great game!

6. My parents for taking care of me when my allergies got the best of me.

7. My pups for being extra cuddly just when I need them to be.

8. Girl Scout cookies. Because they're just the best. And brings back childhood memories.

9. My UV filter for protecting my lens when it accidentally fell from my hands onto a carpeted floor. It shattered instead of the lens and for that, I am grateful.

10. My dad for letting my borrow his car this weekend for what was supposed to be vacation but turned into work weekend. It made a lot of things a whole lot easier in the long run. Thanks, Dad!

Pictures to come soon, I promise. Tomorrow begins the pre-trip pictures.

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