Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hawaii, Day 4

Faced with yet another dreary day, we decided to not let it get the best of us. We headed to the Honolulu Zoo with umbrellas in hand - and definitely got rained on. We did not let it deter us one bit. We had a priceless time at the zoo, including seeing gibbons who make the most crazy noises that at times mimic air raid sirens. They were so enthusiastic. And we also encountered a rhinoceros pair that were at first just hanging out closely and quickly got, er, personal. Talk about needing a room. I've seen things that I really didn't need to see yet we couldn't look away right away.


Looking to the Sky

White Handed Gibbon

Tiger Cub


Crocodile Teeth


Talk About Brown Nosing...

There's also a weekly art show on the zoo fence where local artists gather and display their work. The rain had driven away all but two - and K and I each purchased a piece of local Hawaiian art.

With animals in the theme, we headed to the Waikiki Aquarium. After a near miss with an accidentally dropped lens, we explored the aquarium, looking at native fishes. We walked back to our hotel along the rainy beach and walked out on a rocky pier. Along the way, I saw two kinds of fishes in the crystal clear water. One was Hawaii's native fish, whose name I cannot pronounce. The other was this rainbow colored fish that I don't know the name of - and the picture isn't clear enough for someone to tell. It was stunning to see them so close to the shore and to see them so well in the crystal clear waters.

State Fish & Rainbow Fish - in Ocean

State Fish & Rainbow Fish - in Ocean

Disgruntled by the weather, we stayed in for the remainder of the day/afternoon and caught up on tv. And hoped/wished for sunny days.

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