Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hawaii, Day 3

Day 3 dawned with the forecasted cloudy skies. We were beginning to think that we were destined for the first no-beach/no sun Hawaii vacation. So we decided that a trip to the Dole Plantation (yes, that Dole) was in order. Honolulu has a great bus system called "TheBus" and for $2, you can go virtually anywhere on the island. We hopped on for an hour's ride to where pineapple is king. We rode the Pineapple Express, which is a tour of the plantation and walked around the garden before feasting on delicious food, accompanied on K's part by a pineapple float. It was deliciously sweet and the bonus was a take-home cup which actually turned out to be a take-home bank!

Having gone at least part of the way around the island, we decided to make the best of the rainy day and ride the rest of the way around the island - something that would take up a majority of the rest of the afternoon. At times, the bus got extremely crowded with locals - but it was nice to see the real Oahu (not the sanitized tourist version). Plus we got to see some amazing waves on the beaches during the drive.

And hey, we got to tour the island for $2. No kidding.


Tree & Lake on Plantation

Bromeliads & Ti Leaves

Tons and Tons of Pineapples

Purple Hibiscus


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