Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy List, Week 15

Perfect Rose

Semi-delayed by lack of computer access on Monday.

1. ABC stores having the necessities and gifts all-in-one. They're absolutely everywhere in Waikiki and Honolulu - and we're thankful for that.

2. Sun, finally. Because we truly though we'd go without during our week in Hawaii.

3. Frisbee - it truly is one of the best beach toys. Especially when used in the ocean. Lots of fun. Diving for the frisbee is way more fun in the water, until it goes up your nose.

4. Rum plus pineapple juice plus grapefruit juice plus orange juice = Royal Grove cocktail. So named after our lodgings. As far as we can tell, we invented it. It's sweet but not too sweet. And damn good.

5. Hawaii's native language: aloha was the only word I knew prior to arrival. My new favorite word: Mahalo. It means thank you and it just rolls off the tongue every so nicely.

6. theBus. You can go pretty much anywhere for $2. No kidding. Plus, you get a free transfer. We actually spent a rainy afternoon circling the entire island for Oahu. For $2. It may have been a little crowded at times, but it was worth it. The buses are nicely equipped, handicap accessible, bike-friendly and have mostly knowledgeable drivers who are used to idiot tourists. Used by locals and tourists alike.

7. Dole Pineapple. In addition to being just damn good fruit, their plantation is way cool.

8. Royal Grove. They don't charge much, they're a little Hawaii kitsch-y, not especially luxurious but it's a nice place to sleep. And recuperate. Added bonus: a fan that sounded like bedsprings and amused us with its precariousness.

9. Hawaiian leis. Because they are beautiful, everpresent, and a random gifting from a lovely hotel resident caused us to be able to say "We got lei'd by a little old woman in an elevator" much to our and many others amuseument.

10. - for giving my computer a new lease on life: a bigger brain. And doing it super-fast!

That's the list for this week - new posts to come once I've waded through my 1000+ pictures from Hawaii!

Mahalo for reading! :)


Lindsay said...

Did you have the pineapple soft serve at the Dole plantation?

jamiebartonmezzo said...

This sounds AWESOME! I'm assuming photos are being taken?

Mom & Tom said...

Lets see those photos!
M & T

Ann said...

Lindsay: Sadly no, but my friend did and I tasted it and it was DELICIOUS!

Jamie: Photos have been taken, they're now being sorted through.

Mom&Tom: Patience...