Saturday, November 1, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #1

Since some people just won't be able to make it to my exhibition at Third Degree Glass (up until November 18th!), I thought I'd tour folks through the exhibit, the background behind the photos, etc. I had so many questions about some of the photos that it prompted me to remember the story behind photo. Some are more interesting than others but I'd still love to share with you.

If you are in St. Louis, I highly recommend seeing them in person... I'm really proud of this exhibit.

So without further delay:

Downtown STL Explore

This is "Arch/Crunden-Martin".

I took this on a Photo Flood of downtown St. Louis. This building has been on my radar after it spectacularly caught fire in 2011. That fire brought my attention this area of Choteau's Landing that I was previously unaware of.

This was the first time I'd explored this area on foot (I generally don't enter areas that are relatively unoccupied alone unless in a car).

Perhaps this is one of the images that really compelled the curation of the "Alternate Views" because I really love that it isn't your "standard" Arch shot, yet it still celebrates two parts of St. Louis history.

Tomorrow, I'll move on to "Intersections". Similar place, different perspective. With the exception of the last photo in the exhibit, the pieces are laid out geographically from downtown to far west.

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