Sunday, November 2, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #2

Item #7 - Bridges

Let me introduce you to "Intersections", also taken in Choteau's Landing. I had to do a little digging, but I took this back in 2010 during a meet-up. We were doing a photographic scavenger hunt in Downtown St. Louis along the theme of "Decay/Isolation/Creepy/Weird" and had a list of things to cross off. It was wildly fun and it makes me want to do one again soon. I wonder if I have the original list written down somewhere.

Obviously, the Crunden-Martin photo was a revisit to the space but I hadn't been down in the area for awhile and didn't realize I'd actually be there before. My up ticking interest in urban decay and historic preservation has brought me back to that mostly vacant area. It is all hauntingly beautiful.

Up next: A different view of a familiar place. 

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