Friday, November 7, 2014

Behind the Shot: Alternate Views #7

STL 250 Celebrations

"STL Love" is one of my favorite photos from the last year. This is from STL250's Burning Love Festival... supposed to happen on Valentine's Day, but had to be rescheduled due to ice. It probably had much lower attendance because of the weekday move plus Art Hill was so muddy. But it was a fun and unique celebration.

That purple STL heart later "caught" fire and was a beautiful burning heart. I thought about using that photo instead but I really love the three hearts, the purple (because I'm still me) and the beams of light in the background. It was a beautiful event design and I was happy to capture it.

Note - this one was also shot without a tripod (because I hate dragging them around) and hand-held. And on a low battery (oops!). 

Up next: The most popular photo in my exhibit.

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